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White Dog
  • Satnavs do not bring you directly here. Please check our location before arriving for the first time and use Google Maps: Fenton's Field.

  • As you drive in from the road: if the gate is shut, please can you re-shut it behind you. If you find it open then you do not need to close it after you.

  • Please park in the enclosed field to your right for Fenton's Field, and on the left for Fenton's on the Hill. There may be a dog loose in the yard so please keep yours in your car. Park in your field and close the gate behind you before letting your dog out.

  • As you drive out: this is a tricky exit, especially if you turn right towards Stoke St. Michael. Please can you exercise due caution and pull out very slowly.

  • COVID-19: hopefully not much more on this for the moment.

  • Fabulous new loo now available. Please use it and leave it as you would like to find it.

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